Meet the Team

Otezla Amun-Hotep

1/2 elf Egyptian mythos Cleric devoutly worshiping Horus - picture attached. Combat minded cleric focused on preserving the lives of his party members.



Last recognigzed as having an affinity for magic he was the 4th appretice under a hedgemage that travelled though his tiny village outside of a larger humanoid village of Allentown. (ALLinTown, they must like everyone!) His studies went on mostly unrecognized. There was a lot more gifted student that caught the hedgewizards eyes. (I am trying so hard, but that Derlin he just always steals my shine) Well the hedgemage needed supplies for more powerful spells... (I know why he really wants to go there, I caught him in the brothel on more than on occasion) Rumors about how a massive goblin army were heading this way! (oh dear, i mean i have nothing against the poor brutes but they can be very menacing in numbers. I read so in one of Albreicht's books...not to mention my parents and kin have always been harrassed by them and the big folk. I AM going to change that!) The rumors were false, some adventurers got abushed and there more than a handful, not a serious threat apparantly. Well, wait! A MAGE tower! I can leave Albreicht since i am merely his fourth apprentice and look in the mage tower and become a saviour of gnomes! I mean a wise and powerful mage! (sigh, I have the basics down... who is going to take me? Maybe those adventurers... ) The townsfolk were making fun of those poor adventurers... they look battle weary...(there goes the hedgemage into the brothel...) Maybe... this is my lucky break... (follows on the shirttails of the adventurers; there has to be something in there that will make the tall men respect me) Let me grab my wonderful creation... the popup spell book! (Albreicht laughed as did all the other apprentices... until my dragon singed their whiskers... then i laughed... then i had to clean the privy...) Maybe I can whisk in and out and no one will be the wiser... maybe those adventurers will understand me because they were mocked and ridiculed... who knows...


Dolgryn Hammerfist

Dolgryn Hammerfist is a dwarven monk, but not in the traditional sense that one is usually considered a monk, growing up in some silly cloister, sitting around chanting all day. He grew up in a lower class clan who mined coal for the furnaces in the blacksmiths shop. Dolgryn got a reputation for being the toughest guy in his town. After shoveling coal all day folks would challenge him to fights in the pub, dwarven rules... no rules... do what you can to best your opponent until they yield. He was known for busting skulls as well as the bar room furniture using his ingenuity and his wit, just as much as his brute strength. After a while his knuckles got calloused and his pockets got full from his take of the bets. Dolgryn got bored with the drunken rabble at the bar and seeks out an opponent that can withstand his punches, kicks, headbutted, and elbows. Eventually he met up with the party and couldn't be happier due to the fact that when they are around, his "knuckle senses" never stop tingling.



As a young teen Urdash was traveling north past Allentown with his parents, when they were ambushed by a gang of thieves. When the thieves found little of value to take, they grew angry. Although Urdash was able to run from the attackers, his parents were not so lucky as they gave their lives to save him. Afraid and alone, he made his way quickly back to the only place he knew nearby for help. Well with the state of things in Allentown, no one was looking to take on an extra mouth to feed (especially a half orc) so he was left to fend for himself. Having spent his formative years barely scraping by in the slums, when he heard of the kidnapping and possible reward, he was eager to set out in hopes of a great riches.

The story so far...

Corona times calls for corona measures. Banned from playing D&D in person our little group has gone underground, well actually we no longer play in a basement and now use the Internet which most of its connections use above ground towers and space satellites. But in the spirit of things I at least DM from the basement. These are the tales of our Zoom D&D sessions.


The seaside city of Allentown was once a booming mining town. But then the mine ran dry and the merchant guild packed up their things and moved away. Allentown is now a depressed town with high unemployment and a restless population. Some merchant ships still visit the harbor but less and less often. The latest exciting town news is a story of a daughter of a rich landowning merchant that has been kidnapped. The kidnappers were seen and they wore the colors of a local sorcerer who resides in a tower near the ocean.

Tim and Nate decided that they should immediately go and search for the kidnapped daughter and hopefully earn a reward before others rescue her and claim a reward.

The sorcerer's tower is only an hour away from the town and just along the seaside coastline. When they arrive there are no doors or windows to the tower so they search the hill it is standing on and find a crevasse that leads to a set of stone steps descending under the hill that the tower stands on.

Inside they were attacked by 4 goblins and took a brutal beating. They were forced to flee and immediately return to town to recover, at a great expense to their dignity. At first the gate guards seemed concerned that a large band of raiding goblins were abroad but when they discovered it was just 4 goblins, underground, the guards laughed at Tim and Nate and spread the latest small town gossip all over Allentown at Tim and Nate's expense.

Nate and Tim returned to the crevasse entrance only to be ambushed by goblins throwing rocks down on them from above. Nate and Tim fought off the goblins and explored the dungeon under the sorcerer's tower, eventually finding the base of the tower. In a circular room that formed the base of the tower a giant snake came out of hiding and attacked and crushed Tim. It began to swallow him whole. Nate tied a rope around Tim's ankle that was protruding from the giant snake's mouth. Nate fought with the snake like a fish on a line but in the end the snake got the better of Nate and swallowed Tim, hook line and sinker. Nate finally made the killing blow on the giant snake and used the rope to pull Tim out from the snake's belly. Beaten and covered with partially digested snake food it was again time to return to Allentown to rest and recuperate.


While returning from Allentown to the sorcerer's tower Nate and Tim are ambushed in the rocky hills of Allentown by a large party of goblins. Tim was beaten unconscious by the goblins and a human wizard hiding in the midst of the goblins cast a charm spell on Nate and they instantly became BFFs.

The wizard and goblins took Nate and Tim back underneath the sorcerer's tower where they rested and prepared for the final assault on the sorcerer in the high tower.

On the first level of the tower they notice that the remains of the giant snake are missing. Nate walked up the narrow spiral staircase and opened the trap door in the ceiling. A large gorilla arm reached down and grabbed Nate. It bangs him around like the Hulk manhandling Loki. Tim climbs up and together they slay the gorilla. The third level of the tower is full of odd life-sized statues. Each statue is unique and holds expressions of horror. As Nate and Tim stare at the next trapdoor in the ceiling they know fear. Afraid that a medusa might be on the next floor, the wizard calls for 4 goblins to help with the final assault of the sorcerer in the high tower.

The first goblin pops open the door and is turned to stone, his stiff body tumbles over the edge of the narrow spiral staircase shattering on the ground at the feet of the other stone statues. The second goblin ascends and is eerily quiet. The other 2 goblins run in fear. Nate jumps up through the trapdoor and bangs his head on the stone bottom of a goblin statue and falls back down on his own butt. Together Nate and Tim launch an attack on the sorcerer. The sorcerer is hiding behind a turned over table shooting a magic wand with grey beams of petrification. After a brief tussle with the sorcerer, Nate and Tim are victorious. The wizard enters the room, takes the sorcerer's wand and tells Nate and Tim the rest of the treasure is theirs for the taking and he leaves.


Nate, Tim and Jake head out of Allentown to return to the tower. As they approach the tower Jake scouts ahead for another possible goblin ambush. While Jake is scouting ahead, two goblins riding wargs chase down Nate and Tim. Nate and Tim run to the crevasse and fight off a goblin rider in the narrow rocky path. The other goblin rides off, perhaps for reinforcements.

Nate, Tim and Jake continue to explore the dungeon. The wizard has emptied out his room and left behind the giant snake stuffed and posing on a tree branch. Nate, Tim and Jake explore further and fight off giant rats, skeletons and later ghouls hiding in a makeshift morgue, where Tim discovers a bag holding 5 Javelins of Lightning.


Nate, Tim and Jake discover a large room with 10 sarcophagi and four 3 foot diameter holes tunneled into the north wall. Small red eyes pear out of the tunnels, sand kobolds. Sarcophagi lids are removed one at a time by Nate, Tim and Jake. One sarcophagus reveals a +2 dagger that animates and fly's about stabbing Jake. Eventually Jake manages to subdue the dagger and claim it as his own. Another sarcophagus releases a giant skeleton that grabs the 600 lb stone lid and uses it to swat all three heroes forcing Nate, Tim and Jake to return to Allentown to rest. Before they leave Jake looks into the last sarcophagus and sees a skeleton dressed in full chain mail and holding a long sword. It looks like a skeleton of a hero and Jake decides it is best not not to tamper with it until they have rested.


Nate, Tim, Jake and Drew, finally a full adventuring party, return to the large room with 10 sarcophagi and four 3 foot diameter holes tunneled into the north wall. The skeleton in the last sarcophagus has been tampered with and the long sword is missing. The four heroes decide to explore the sand kobold holes. Most of the sand kobolds have been slain previously so the resistance is minor. After 5 minutes of crawling, another large room is discovered. The new room looks very different from the rest of the dungeon as if it has a different purpose. The walls and a large set of double doors on the far north wall are completely carved with signs, symbols and faces of Chaos gods. When the large double doors are approached they open on their own and offer a new set of stairs to descend deeper into the earth and further from the coastline.

Nate, Tim, Jake and Drew decide that they should finish exploring the rest of the dungeon under the tower before descending any further. They fight a giant spider and a zombified version of the original giant snake that swallowed Tim.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, and Drew discover a room with a large sundial and a strange mask on the wall. Below the mask are the words. "I'll answer one question, no more. I never speak til it be four." They use a torch to cast a shadow on the IV of the sundial. The mask animates and says "My sister blows like a nor-western."

The party decides to explore the top north western section of the dungeon and discover a female version of the mask from the other room. Drew blows into the mask's ear and the wall opens up and reveals a treasure room.

A particularly large pile of gold took offense at becoming someone's plunder. It animated and attacked the party. Jake stabbed it with his +2 dagger and the dagger's blade is turned to gold and was absorbed into the pile of gold. Jake keeps the dagger's hilt in hope to restore it somehow.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, and Drew return to the pirates cove under the sorcerer's tower and discover the pirates have left. They cross the beach area and enter a cave chamber with a low running river full of stones. As they cross the river a pair of large rocks stand up and are actually giant crabs that attack. After defeating the giant crabs the party packs away a large supply of crab meat for later meals.

The party decides to rest in a room with only one exit. In the middle of the night a weird noise is heard and Drew the dwarf realises the stone forming the dungeon is being altered. Drew wakes up everyone else to investigate the mystery. The weird noise gets louder as they get closer to the wizard's tower. They decide to ascend the tower again.

First they are met by a zombified version of the large gorilla they killed before, they kill it again.

On another level they fight a two headed troll that keeps regenerating and reviving even after it is slain. Finally they burn the trolls' remains to keep him dead.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, James and Drew reach what was the highest floor of the tower to discover more levels have been magically added.

The first new floor has a black cauldron and looks like a medieval surgeon's operating room giving the party the ability to restock on bandages. They discover odd lizard arms and headless goblin corpses that are missing arms.

The second new level has a gray clay cauldron. Guarding this level are two gobraptors. Gobraptors are velociraptors with sewn on goblin arms and a large metal plate in the back of their head where the goblin brains and the raptor brains had been exchanged. They carry crude wooden shields and axes. The wizard steps into the room and says “As you can see, I have been busy making new friends.”

The third new room has a clear crystal cauldron and the room’s walls seem to be only half there. The walls are semi-real walls leading to a prehistoric jungle. James walks into the jungle and can no longer see the tower or any way to return. Tim walks through with a rope tied to himself. Nate tugs on the rope and the rope drops and goes limp as it is sliced in half. Everyone else tries to get the two to return but eventually decide to join James and Tim in the prehistoric jungle when they see a giant prehistoric snake slither out of the jungle towards James and Tim. Because the tower cannot be seen anymore James leaves a magical mark so the location can be found again, hopefully their next leap will be the leap home.

After the fight the party hears the yelling of a human voice deeper inside the jungle. It is the wizard’s voice. He is screaming "NO NO you fool. Stay away from that creature!" Over the tree line the head of a large t-rex pops up with a gobraptor wearing a red cloak in the t-rex's mouth. The t-rex tosses the gobraptor up, catches him and swallows him whole, then runs off even deeper into the jungle.

The party makes camp and starts a campfire. Later in the dark the wizard enters the campsite and says "I need your help. The t-rex has eaten my gobraptor that was carrying the teleportation stone which is the only for any of us to get home."


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, James, Drew and the wizard break camp in the morning. Jake begins to track the t-rex but loses its trail. A high rock outcropping is nearby and the party decides to climb it to get a better view of the land. While climbing up the rocks giant centipedes crawl out from under the loose rocks and attack. Jake in a panic grabs for his magical dagger that was destroyed by the magical pile of gold and is surprised to see that the blade of the dagger is beginning to grow back.

Reaching the top of the rock outcropping they can see to the north past the jungle a large field with large animals roaming about, too far away to identify. To the west a sea, to the east past the jungle a large tarpit.

While surveying the area the party is spotted by 3 pterodactyls flying overhead. The pterodactyls swoop in to dine. Jake and Jeff shoot arrows and James toss darts as they come in. Nate is nabbed and carried off to soon become a Jurassic carry out meal. But the last arrow shot forces the pterodactyl to drop Nate and the pterodactyl crashes into the jungle.

Climbing down from the rock outcropping continuing to go north they spot a cave and decide to explore it. The cave's only current inhabitant is a giant cave bear. The cave bear nearly kills Nate and Drew and in its death it crushes down on Jake nearly smothering him to death.

The next morning they continue to head north but Jake cannot find the trail of the t-rex. They encounter a small 3 foot tall skinny dinosaur that stands upright, like a t-rex would. The tiny dinosaur takes a liking to Jake and follows him around. Jake works on training him to perform small tricks, sit, stay fetch, ect.

In a small clearing they find a weird looking mound of dried sticks and leaves, 15 feet tall and 30 feet in diameter the party decides to examine it closer. First sending James, the gnome, to climb on top of the pile who activates a giant 30' praying mantis. The giant praying mantis pops out from the debris along with a cluster of its 4' long praying mantis offspring. After defeating the hive of praying manti the party decide to return to the cave to rest.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, James, Drew and the wizard decide to explore east towards the tar pits. They find a giant sloth stuck in a tar pit and hounded by 5 dire wolves. The party sets an ambush with tree spring noose traps, and spiked walls with a plan to lure the dire wolves towards them. The dire wolves ignore the party completely. The dire wolves have easy prey that is going nowhere. Eventually James gets close enough to the dire wolves to entice them for another kind of meal. Running back James hides behind the warrior types, Jake is hiding behind shrubs set with spikes and Jeff in a tree with a bow. Tim uses a Sound Burst spell during the battle and a large roar from the jungle replies to the noise. As the battle continues large animals are pushing their way through the jungle. Just as the last of the dire wolves are slain, 8 female t-rexes appear from the jungle. The party runs and hides. The t-rexes are satisfied with the corpses of the dire wolves and carry off the fresh meat to their den.

The party begins to track the herd of t-rexes and are stopped by 5 gobraptors in the jungle. The wizard smiles and commands the gobraptors "Come to me my creatures and slay these fools." The gobraptors hissingly speak saying "NO!" The wizard says "I am your master, OBEY ME!". The gobraptors reply "No, we are now master." Then appears 5 more gobraptors that sneaked up from the sides. These gobraptors are different; they are naturally born gobraptors. No sewn on goblins arms but they do have goblin arms. No large plate of metal on their heads from a brain transplant, all natural. They are carrying primitive wood shields and caveman clubs. The wizards acknowledges with a "Clever Girl" comment and teleports away leaving everyone else behind.

The fight with the natural gobraptors goes poorly for the party and the original gobraptors withdraw calling off the natural gobraptors with a whistle sound. They are more interested in the wizard. Drew stuns one of the gobraptors and they tie it up for questioning later.


Tim, Jake, Jeff, James and Drew question the captured gobraptor. It refers to the original gobraptors as the Immortals. The Immortals have spawned gobraptors and ruled for 100 years. In a glorious maner the gobraptors will one day rule the world. After more intense questioning the gobraptor eyes start to flutter and its body convulse. A new voice speaks, the voice of an Immortal. "We see you". The party decides to release the gobraptor so they can track it down to its home. At first the gobraptor heads east towards the tar pits then south of the tar pits. They track it to a large 200 foot deep gorge 40' across with a large prehistoric sized tree lying across the gorge acting as a natural bridge.

Drew crosses the gorge first holding a rope with Nate holding the other end. Then Jake crossed using the rope as help. Next Tim, but while Tim is halfway over the bridge giant spiders crawl out from under the tree and block Tim from both sides with other giant spiders attacking people on both sides of the gorge. During the battle Tim cast his Sound Burst spell a couple of times attracting a herd of axe beaks. The axe beaks and the group keep their distance from each other until the axe beaks get brave enough to fetch the fine dining of giant spider corpses. After feasting they run away. To this day no one has ever killed an axe beak.

The party finds a thick thorny area that seems defensible for the night. During the night yellow eyes stare out from the darkness but never get too close. Jake finds the gobraptor's trail again and along the way is an allosaurus and a stegosaurus facing off. The two dinosaurs circle each other neither one moving in close enough to attack but clearly hostile to each other. After circling each other a few more times, the allosaurus reaches over a row of brush and takes a bite from an already dead baby allosaurus. It's mother gives up and wanders away. The party decides to try and kill the baby killing allosaurus.

Jeff moves in for a backstab and trips over the allosaurus's tail. Everyone else jumps in and attacks. The allosaurus bites a big chunk out of Drew and generally tosses around everyone else around. Nate launches a javelin of lightning, finally after much damage is done to both sides the party strikes a killing blow on the allosaurus.

The party finds another defensible thorn brush area next to a natural rock wall and spends the night resting. Again the yellow eyes stare at them at night but not for too long. They ran away in unison like they had a purpose.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff continue to easily follow the trail even though the gobraptor trail is several days old. Jake realizes that this trail is way too obvious. It must be deliberate. As they follow the trail the vegetation in the area begins thinning out and becoming less jungle and more scrub-like. A large meadow is discovered with about 100 brontosauruses roaming and feeding, the trail leads through it. Tim casts a Silent spell on the party and they move through the herd without spooking the brontosauruses.

On the other side the vegetation ends altogether and turns into a large dried broken ground desert that can be seen for miles. They decide someone should climb a nearby tree and see what is up ahead. First Jake tries and gets all tangled up in vines failing to get any height. Next Jeff tries to climb the same tree and also finds himself tangled in vines on the trunk of the tree. After a few minutes they both break out in hives and realize the tree vines are actually poison ivy.

Another tall tree further back is found and climbed by James. Many miles away on the far side of the desert is a volcano. The trail seems to head in that direction. It is decided that they should wait until dark to start crossing the desert to avoid spying eyes from the other side of the desert. So they head back to the defensible thorn brush area next to the natural rock wall to wait. As it gets dark the yellow eyes return. This time getting closer. Tim casts a Light spell and giant prehistoric hyenas are seen. The hyenas at first back off but then move closer. Eventually a pair of braver hyenas move in to attack. A third has snuck around to the back, leaps on the rock wall and pounces at Jeff. After the battle the party decides to rest until the next day.

Early in the morning a party of 5 gobraptors are spotted by Tim some distance away. They have just finished crossing the desert and seem to be discussing some plan. The gobraptors then move west as if they were tracking down something themselves. The party decides to follow the gobraptors. Eventually they follow the gobraptors all the way to the gorge. The fallen tree over the gorge is burning and the gobraptors adding oil to the fire. The party attacks the gobraptors and defeats them but the bridge is gone.

They decide to go back to their thorn brush hideout until dark. It takes all night but the party crosses the desert and makes it to the foot of the volcano. They find crudely carved steps and follow them up. Reaching near the top are two gobraptors guarding a cave opening into the volcano that is secured by a crudely made wooden door. The party sets up a tripwire trap on the steps and lures the gobraptors closer using the last of their giant crab meat. The first gobraptor trips, stumbles and takes down Tim in the process with its 500 pounds of momentum. Jeff and Jake are on the side shooting arrows at the gobraptors. Once they are slain the party approaches the closed crude wood door.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, James, Drew approach the crude wooden door. It opens easily and they peer into the cave entrance. The air is foul with a rotten egg smell. The options are uphill to the left, uphill straight ahead or downhill to the right. Always take the right. The first chamber they encounter has 4 sickly gobraptors. Easy fight. The next chamber has 4 more gobraptors already dead from the poisonous gas. They sneak into the next chamber to find a prehistoric sized red scaled salamander creature possibly sleeping. Jeff sneaks up behind it and backstabs the creature. James casts a Hypnotic Pattern spell and the poor creature idly stares as the rest of the group runs up and kills the giant monster. The question “Could this creature breathe fire?” is never answered. Some questions are better not answered.

Next they sneak towards the next room and overhear a conversation.

Guardian naga talking with a Type I demon
Demon: So what do you do, ask riddles?
Naga: No no no, that is what those pansy sphynx do. I specialize in puzzles.
Demon: So what is that writing on the wall? A riddle?
Naga: Nonsense, it's a clue. Completely different.
Demon: Whose treasure are you guarding?
Naga: Oh those so called Immortals. It turns out they stole quite a bit from a wizard.
Demon: Ahhhh. They made blood pacts with my supremes. They are going to be around for a long time.
Naga: So how did you get stuck here? There are no tasty human souls for you to consume.
Demon: Blah, these gobrator souls taste like dried turkey. I always loved the taste of a welleaged elf soul the best.
Demon: Well I am stuck here for the next 1,000 years as punishment. I embarrassed my boss in front of his boss. Some plucky band of adventurers in a dungeon destroyed my material form and my brother‘s material body too after I summoned him in. So I asked my boss to come along next time to get revenge on them. And guess what? We both ended up rematerializing in hell after an embarrassing defeat. So then I tell him so what? They teleported to some giant floating green octahedron, we will never see them again. That is when he got as hot as hell. He screamed at me that if we have lost them we can’t punish them and that makes him look bad, someone is going to get punished. So he decided to punish me.
Naga: Well stay away from those Immortals. I looked at one using True Vision. What I saw made no sense but it completely creeped me out.
Demon: Well I better be moving along. Those air breathers don't live very long in this place and I am expecting a fresh batch soon.

They await for the demon to walk out hiding behind natural stone columns in ambush. Tim buffs everyone with spells and they jump him as he enters the cave chamber. James stuns him with a Color Spray spell then the rest of the party finishes him off easily.

The naga is now waiting for the party to enter. She spits poison on Drew as they enter. Drew the dwarven monk makes his poison save and only takes 20 damage. The fight goes poorly for the naga and it spends most of its time healing itself in hopes of getting a good poisonous bite in. After it is slayed the party finds the clue written on the wall and a set of 5 levers.

Five in all, the third is first and the fourth is second to last.
Many tries are made but finally Jeff gets the correct order. As for the answer I won’t tell. Correctly pulling the levers opens a secret door into another room with a large lava rock grinding wheel made out of lava rock with 4 push poles poking out.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, James, Drew exit the cave to rest on the front porch. As soon as they settled down the new recruits the demon was talking about showup. The party sees 6 gobraptors walking up the steps of the volcano. Looking around the party notices 4 boulders appropriately sized for rolling downhill. After killing one gobraptor and wounding another with the boulders, James sets up a marble trap on the steps using his sling bullets. Jake and Jeff shoot volleys of arrows taking out another gobraptor. What is left of the gobraptors slipping on the steps is swiftly taken out and the party finds the rest of the day and night relaxing.

The party decides to reenter the cave and return to the room with the large lava rock grinding wheel. Before they reach the room they can see bright flames from inside, sneaking up they see 4 small fire salamanders pushing the wheel around with a large barking voice coming from a source unseen. After a while the small fire salamanders stop and start pushing the wheel in the opposite direction. One of the small fire salamanders notices the party watching them and screams out. From around the corner arrives a full sized large fire salamander. Jake steps up and rolls a quadruple hit (open-ended crits) and slices the creature in half with one swing for 40 damage. The rest of the fire salamanders run in fear.

After way too much time and overly obvious hints the party eventually realises the large lava rock grinding wheel is a large combination lock. Jeff uses his thief ears to hear the clicks on the tumblers and the safe is cracked.

Inside is:
20k in gold
Captain Jack Sparrow’s Compass: Once per day it will point to your heart's desire. 50% chance that the user and the compass disagree on what is most desired on that day. The closest McDonalds is often the path of desire.
Wand of Wonder
Bracers of Defense AC: 4
Cloak of Displacement: +2 cloak and every first attack misses.
Dust of Disappearance: 30 personal doses. Each dose lasts d10+10, 10 minute increments
Eversmoking Bottle
Figurines of Wondrous Power: Sabre-Tooth Tiger.
Gauntlets of Dexterity: +2 Dex
Necklace of Missiles


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, James and Drew decide to follow the smaller fire salamanders through the double doors and down the corridor. They discover to their left a 60’ lava pool with a small island in the middle with a magical pedestal on the island. To their right a large lava lake with a pair of odd looking 5 foot roundish boulders. Near the shoreline there is a pile of giant 12” pearls. Drew approaches the boulders and discovers they are even hotter than the lava so he does not get any closer. The party decides to examine the giant pearls. As soon as Drew touches a giant pearl the boulders react and close in blocking the party’s exit. These are Horta, straight out of the original Star Trek from planet Janus VI. When badly injured Hortas move into the lava and quickly heal up. The 12” pearl colored Horta eggs are protected and the party is forced to retreat.

As the party is retreating a large swoosh of air is heard and the wizard is back again and on the small island in front of the pedestal. He is protected by both a Minor Globe of Protection and Protection from Missiles. The wizard has the missing teleportation stone required to get home and uses it to perform a ritual spell. The party casts spells and arrows at the wizard but to no effect. The wizard finishes the ritual spell creating a large blue portal that he steps through and disappears.

James uses his wand of wonder hoping to send a spell through the portal but instead summons an elephant on the small island. The lava enclosed island is too small for an elephant. The elephant rears and falls backward into the lava and the party takes the opportunity to run across the burning elephant carcass to the small island and through the portal, appearing back at the top level of the sorcerer's tower.

The top level of the sorcerer's tower is the only level with windows. The party looks outside and they see the world has changed. Gobraptors rule the world, humans, elves, dwarves, hobbits are enslaved. But no gnomes are seen. As the party stares at the horror an owl flies through the window delivering a scroll. The scroll reads ”I knew you would be here and need my help even before you knew. What kind of oracle would I be if I didn’t know that? Signed Mad-eye Moody.” Just as Jake says “It would have been nice if Mad-eye Moody had supplied us with a map.” a second owl flies in with a scroll. The second scroll says “This is actually the third owl. I knew the second owl carrying the map would be shot so I sent a third owl also with a map.

Mad-eye Moody is holed up in an abandoned mine just about an hour's travel. Everyone gathers together and holds onto a rope and Nate uses his dust of disappearance to turn everyone and the shared rope invisible for their journey. Being invisible they avoid several ugly gobraptor encounters between the tower and the mine. These goprators look different from the prehistoric versions, they are smaller and more civilized and domesticated. But worse in some ways, some are spell casters.

Reaching the entrance of Mad-eye Moody’s hideout the party solves a puzzle requiring them to dial in different colors using dials inside the eyes of a large owl statue facing the door. Each door is a different color that needs to be matched by the owl eyes. After the last colored door is opened the party has access to the mine. Iinside the mine entrance is a sign stating “Lizards are colored blind”. Mad-eye Moody supplies the party with any equipment they need, he ordered ahead knowing what they were going to need after all. He explained to them he put the sign up because so many people asked “Why the colored door puzzle?” He was tired of explaining it to everyone.

Mad-eye Moody tells the party that they are the strangest group he has ever met and will ever meet. Their quest is to cause a time paradox to undo the gobraptor empire. The only magic strong enough is a magical stone owned by Loth, the demon queen. To get there they must go to the Vault of the Drow. The Vault of the Drow can be accessed through a mountain of fire on a continent too far away to reach. The mountain of fire can be reached by going to the south pole. The fastest way to the south pole is through the Steading Of The Hill Giants. Just three days of travel away.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, James and Drew view the outside of the Hill Giants Steading. It is a large wooden structure with trash on the lawn. The hill giants have just raided an ale delivery and stole all the barrels of ale and now are inside drunkenly singing and making loud drunken party noises. The trash on the lawn is the remains of the broken ale carts and dead human bodies. The group decides to circle the place and look for the best entrance. The guard posts are vacant and it seems everyone is enjoying the ale. The group decides to climb on the rooftop with the help of a couple of grappling hooks. From there Jeff and Drew climb up and into the lookout tower's window and find a sleeping drunk snoring hill giant. They kill the hill giant and bring everyone else in through the window. The group climbs down the tower stairs and into a giant sized cloak room. Two more woosy hill giants in chairs with a barrel of ale between them. The group uses some dust of disappearance and sneaks up on the giants. They attack and Jake decapitates a giant in one blow. James invisibly tries to tie a rope around the other giant’s leg but only gets kicked away and sent airborne. The rest of the group kills the second hill giant before he can alarm anyone.

From behind the large set of double doors the two giants were guarding the full force of loud party noises can be heard. The group decided to go through a smaller side door. With a little exploring the group sees giant waitstaff coming and going back and forth from the kitchen and the great hall. They decide to go invisible again and make a surprise attack on the giants.

The rest of the battle will be described as the leader of the giants saw it.

We were having an awesome party. The fresh ale paired well with the roasted oxen that was pulling the ale carts and also with the baked humans who thought they were guarding the ale. I was telling my prestigious guests, 3 stone giants and a tall cloud giant about my latest hunting adventures when a wizard tossed a fireball at us. He looked alone, scared and dumbfounded as if he expected everyone to fall down and die from one of his puny fireballs. I noticed he was wearing armor and thought, what's weaker than a wizard? A multi-class wizard! Me and my boyz are going to have some fun with this tiny jerk. I gave the order to throw boulders. It was like throwing tomatoes at a bard on a stage. After we tossed a few boulders he looked more scared, like he was going to run away but Broomhilda and her cooking crew were standing there blocking the doorway ready and ready to smash him with a frying pan and toss his corpse in the oven.

That little bastard tosses a second fireball. Now I couldn't hold my boyz back. They were ready to double tap his ass. They rushed in and stumbled on something invisible and all fell to the ground. Next thing I know I see warriors appearing out of nowhere stabbing my boyz on the ground and a prehistoric sabre-tooth tiger leaping around using my boyz as a cat scratching post. Then that damn little guy threw a 3rd fireball. This little guy ain't no minor spell caster he must be some god awfully high level multiclass wizard. I was sure my boyz could still handle it but then a 4th fireball exploded and now I knew it was time for me to save my own ass. I ushered my guest and wife out of the great hall and from behind heard a fricken 5th fireball explode.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff and Drew decide to go invisible again and sneak around the hill giants steading, stealing treasure, without engaging anyone else. Then they travelled back to Mad-eye Moody’s hideout.

Mad-eye Moody was NOT expecting them and was startled when they made an appearance. He said “You're not supposed to be here. How did I not foresee this? But you are not ALL here. I don’t understand. You need to find the chain in the hill giants steading that takes you to the Southpole.” Mad-eye Moody then walks off and starts peering into his crystal ball trying to discover how he could have been so wrong about the future.

The rest will be described as the leader of the giants saw it
Good news & Bad news.

Good news is those bastards disappeared just as quietly and quickly as they arrived. After their initial attack our morale was broken, we were a scattered and defenseless people against those invaders, I am so glad they left. Their departure gave us time to send reports to our allies and to prepare ourselves for another attack. We went on double guard duty and active patrol. There was no way we were going to be surprised again and neither will our allies.

Bad news, really bad news, we have a mole. A spy in our midst. Someone I trusted has snitched and ratted me out. The mole told those invaders exactly where I keep my treasure, even my personal hidden treasure. While we were scattered and recovering from their raid they went to each of my treasure caches and stole my loot. The loot that took me years to accumulate was gone. When I find out who the mole is I will be sure to lock him in my dungeon until I can think of a useful form of death for him.

More bad news, after a week of silence the patrols just gave the alarm that the invaders are back. Even worse bad news, the alarms just indicated multiple fireballs have been detonated. This is going to be a shitty day.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, James and Drew are outside of the Hill Giants Steading beaten and bruised. A few heal spells are cast and a discussion opens up between everyone “What to do next?”.

The giant's alarm rhythm changes again. Two beats a rest and a third beat, over and over. The front doors open for a quiet pause then an army of bugbears march out and start forming a battle line. While the party is still working on a plan of action the wizard, the unnamed wizard from the beginning of the story, appears out of nowhere, casts an Ice Storm on the party and then runs away. Now the party needs to move fast so James summons a dragon for everyone to ride away on. They take off and are high in the air when attacked by two insane and magically hasted manticores also flying high in the air. The first wave of manticore spikes knocks James unconscious, dispelling the summoned dragon that the entire party is riding on. The fall was long and painful at the end. Tim manages to clench Nate in mid-air and cast a Cure Serious Wounds before hitting the ground keeping Nate alive. James is not so fortunate. DOI, dead on impact.

The bugbears cheer and bang on their shields watching the party fall from the sky, then move forward to finish them off. Jeff grabs the wand of wonder and points it at a manticore flying in the air. Again an elephant is summoned. An elephant appears in mid air above the manticore, crashing on top of the manticore and both splattering on the ground. The second manticore has run out of spikes and lands hoping to finish off the already hurt Nate. Nate, barely alive, uses a javelin of lightning on the manticore and soon it is dead. Another dose of Dust of Disappearance and everyone runs off to hide from the bugbears and rest for the night.

Jeff carries James' body for a short time but as he carries the body it grows larger and turns into a pink/purple color. After it becomes too heavy, Jeff takes James' belongings and leaves the mysterious corpse behind.

The next day the party carefully approaches the Hill Giants Steading and are surprised to see the doors wide open and orcs hanging out having a bonfire and cheerfully drinking and eating. The orcs are walking in and out of the place like they own it. The group is still scared, so they use another dose of Dust of Disappearance and sneak into the steading. While walking in they notice a mysterious canvas with a likeness of them printed on it and orcs cheering and making toasts to the Six Saviors.

While invisible they party searches the place finding nothing but orcs wandering about in ownership. In the basement several jail cells are found with inmates still inside. The first jail cell has James in it naked and wining about how he has been chained up in a jail cell for a week, left behind, forgotten. A week ago when the party originally entered the steading James scouted ahead invisible. The doppelganger took him by surprise, beat him up, turned him over to the giants and swapped places with him. The next cell has a human civil engineer that they free. The next jail cell has an elven wizard who despises the group, especially the half-breed Tim, but agrees to assist them for 1 year as payment for his release.

The party finds the magical chain of transportation and steps through and into a very cold and windy south pole.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, James, Drew and the elf wizard wake up the next morning in the yeti cave. A mechanical owl flies in and delivers Drew a magical cloak that One-eyed Moony has created out of the collection of creature parts Drew saved, Cloak of the Winter Storm.

The party is ready to follow the giants into the iceberg crevasse. Through the crevasse a path splits left and right with a deeper crevasse running in between. The party decides to go right. They fight yeti’s and snow leopards inside of ice caves.

To proceed further they need to get close to the deep crevasse again. A strong gust of wind picks up Jeff and James and they slide over the edge of the crevasse. Fortunately they were near a sloped path leading to the bottom of the crevasse. They slide all the way down the slope as Jake moves into the next ice cave and agros 4 frost giants.

After the 4 frost giants are dealt and Jeff and James crawl up the ice slope to rejoin with the party. Everyone moves on to a series of ice cave rooms and fight 18 more frost giants forcing the elf wizard to help with a pair of fireballs. All ends well that burns well.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, James and the elf wizard continue to press on into the frost giant’s ice caves. Deeper in are warning signs written in many languages not to go down the passage. Jake, James and Nate continual forward at full speed with Jake lighting the way with his flaming sword, Jeff is slowly following from behind. At first they notice skeletons with brown speckles on them. Jake goes deeper into the cave and is swarmed by an icy chill of brown mold. In a panic James shoots his Wand of Wonder down the hall and creates a fireball. This creates a backdraft of freezing brown mold knocking James unconscious and seriously hurting everyone else. Jake runs leaving Nate, Jeff and James behind. Nate pulls out his Sword of Frost and swings it around to help camouflage their body heat, all the while dragging James along with him to safety.

The group fight a few more frost giants and decide to hole up in a dead-end cave to rest for the day. After a few hours other frost giants wander by to check in on their missing friends. Jake and a frost giant stop and stare at each other, Jake shoots a few arrows and then the frost giant runs away for reinforcements.

In preparation Tim fills the entranceway to the dead end cave with oil ready to ignite it as the frost giants come forward. Using another pinch of dust of disappearance everyone waits invisibly. 20 minutes later and a large crowd of frost giants charge the cave entrance with bloody revenge on their mind. Tim lights up the fire and the battle ensues. The fiery barrier keeps the giants at bay and the giants are fine with that, throwing giant ice balls at the group. This was certain death for everyone in the end to the campaign.

Jake steps forward and pops the cork on his Eversmoking Bottle, filling the cave and cave entrance with a thick dense smoke. The giants back up in fear. The smoke puts out Tim’s fire. This is the moment for action. The elf wizard yells. “Fly you fools!” He leads the way from the dead-end cave to the frozen 200 foot drop cliff and jumps. Everyone else follows. The elf wizards cast a mass feather fall on everyone and they float down to the bottom of the cliff.

The group still needs to rest and recover but are now out in the open in a wind blown frozen terrain. Slowly they explore and discover a remorhaz lair. Killing the remorhaz the group uses the remorhaz’s excellent igloo nest as a place to rest. Not even frost giants venture to roam the bottom of the cliffs.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, James and the elf wizard explore the wintery wilderness below the frost giants lair. Jake leads the way and finds himself engulfed by a “white” black pudding disguised as a snowdrift. James uses his wand of wonder and casts a fireball on the white pudding, also blasting Nate and Jake’s dino-dog pet.

Further exploring finds another white pudding and a den of winter wolves. James decides to cast a color spray through Nate and onto two winter wolves, stunning Nate. The winter wolf's terrible breath weapon hurts everyone enough that they need to rest after the battle. The group spends another night in the remorhaz’s den. In the morning they decide to climb up the ramp and reenter the frost giants lair.
In preparation Tim fills the entranceway to the dead end cave with oil ready to ignite it as the frost giants come forward. Using another pinch of dust of disappearance everyone waits invisibly. 20 minutes later and a large crowd of frost giants charge the cave entrance with bloody revenge on their mind. Tim lights up the fire and the battle ensues. The fiery barrier keeps the giants at bay and the giants are fine with that, throwing giant ice balls at the group. This was certain death for everyone in the end to the campaign.

As they near the top of the ramp 6 frost giants roll a giant snowball down the ramp. The wizard that has not been seen since the hill giant’s steading peeks over the edge and casts a wall of ice spell creating a 30’ tall wall of ice blocking off retreat for Jeff and James. Jeff climbs the ice wall, James casts a magic rope trick and climbs inside, both avoiding the giant rolling snowball that slams into the wall of ice. James shoots his wand of wonder and he sees the frost giants disappear. He decides to hide in his extra dimensional rope trick space for 10 rounds. The frost giants throw giant snowballs at the group.Jeff tries to climb the icey wall but keeps falling down, eventually hit so many times by giant snowballs he dies. Nate, Tim and Jake climb over the wall of ice and charge the frost giants. Nate uses a Javelin of Lightning and destroys the ledge of ice where 2 frost giants are standing. They both tumble down the cliff to their deaths. The wizard peeks over the edge once again and casts an Ice Storm spell on the group and then skips away, smiling. Nate then uses his grappling hook and scales the wall to chase the wizard but the wizard is already gone. Jake steps forward and pops the cork on his Eversmoking Bottle hoping to gain the cover of fog but unfortunately the high winds blow the smoke down into the abyss below. Even worse, the person blinded by the smoke is Jake. A frost giant’s axe finds Jake knocking him unconscious and his Eversmoking Bottle falls down the edge of the cliff.

James finally comes out of his extradimensional rope trick hiding space and decides to cast another color spray at a giant and through Tim. Tim invokes a blood oath on James. “If I get stunned, I will kill you!”. Tim does not get stunned but bad blood has been spilt.


Nate, Tim, Jake, James and the elf wizard begin to recover from the fight, Jeff’s dead body laying in the snow and ice. Nate oddly hears a voice in his head that is not his own. It tells him “Kill him and CLAIM me as your own.” The elf wizard peers over the cliff and notices that the entire canyon floor is covered in a thick deep pea green rolling and bubbling fog. The result of Jake’s Eversmoking Bottle. Nate sneaks up from behind and pushes the elf wizard over the cliff. His fate is unseen as he falls into the pea green smoke.

A weird overwhelming feeling hits everyone. A poorly worded wish spell from an unknown source has taken effect. The group is suddenly transported to barstools back in a tavern at Allentown. Then their life experiences begin to move forward at an accelerated rate. Their eyes see a fast forward video montage of their lives between the tavern at Allentown and them standing at the edge of the frost giants cliff. All the same life decisions have been made, all the die rolls have the same results, the only change is Jeff is not dead but alive and unhurt.

The group moves to enter the frost giant caves but stop when a stone giant being chased by two frost giants head their way. James cast a darkness spell on the frost giants to hide the stone giant from the frost giants. The stone giant in a panic backs up into the darkness and escapes by heading a different way. The group searches for the stone giant but eventually encounters the two frost giants. During the battle the stone giant decides it is time for him to make an escape, he tosses a boulder at James knocking him out, then runs through the darkness.

The group moves into the frost giant’s ice caves and explores more. They encounter a group of stone giant guests and a battle breaks out. James uses his Scarab of Cthulhu and semi-translucent human sized forms of Cthulhu appear, each moving towards all living creatures in the area. When the semi-translucent Cthulhus reach a person they enter in and possess the creature forcing them to act erratically. One stone giant is affected, James himself is affected, and Dino-dog is also affected. During the battle James and Dino-dog are knocked unconscious and the possessing spirit leaves them. The possessed stone giant is killed by the group with the other stone giants.


Nate, Tim, Jake, James and Jeff rest up and continue to explore the ice caverns of the Frost Giant’s lair. They discover a group of 5 hill giants huddled together in the cold and deal with them accordingly. Next they encounter four frost giants that are later joined by 3 fire giants. James is shooting off his wand of wonder in all directions. First petrifying a frost giant then casting a fireball on a fire giant that backlashes onto Nate and James himself. An enraged fire giant bullrushes past Nate and slices James in two with his giant sized two-handed sword. Jeff riffles through James' body looking for extra bandages when the group decides it is time to rest and decide what to do with the body.


Nate, Tim, Jake, and Jeff rest up again in a thermally warmed ice cavern where the fire giants guest stayed. The frost giants hate searching this area while on patrol. James' corpse is left on ice. Jake leads the way past the descending hallway to the second level. Jake walks into a large cavern where frost giants are waiting in ambush. They toss a hail of ice boulders at Jake. The group backs up into the halfway to form a choke hold position to meet the oncoming giants one at a time. The strategy works great, one by one the giants fall, until...

One of the giants unknown to the group ran down another hallway to recruit help from two ogre mages. The last giant facing the group retreats and hides in the large cavern. The group pursues and as they all are in a tight group killing what they thought was the last frost giant a floating invisible ogre mage wearing flowing red robes materializes and casts a Cone of Cold spell on the group. Dino-dog is knocked unconscious and everyone else is hurt badly. Nate runs to battle the returning frost giant. Jeff runs under the floating ogre mage and shoots an arrow at him. Tim and Jake revive dino-dog. The second ogre mage materializes in the air wearing flowing green robes and casts a Cone of Cold spell on Tim and Jake. Both are barely standing. Jeff pulls out the wand of wonder and shoots the green robed ogre mage. A fireball materializes and kills the ogre mage but also catches Tim, Jake and Jeff in the blast. Both Tim and Jake are now unconscious. Jeff revives Tim, Tim works on trying to revive Jake but by now Nate is left alone fighting the last frost giant and the red ogre mage. Nate gets knocked out.

The frost giant tosses an ice boulder and knocks out Jeff. The frost giant moves forward to finish off Tim, the frost giant swings with his giant axe and misses Tim. Tim revives Jake and together with dino-dog finish off the last frost giant. The red ogre mage has escaped as a cloud of vapor down the hallway he came from.


Nate, Tim, Jake, and Jeff rest up in the thermally warmed ice cavern where the fire giants guest stayed. In the middle of the night they hear moaning and see a pair of red glowing eyes coming towards them from down the dark hallway. Mysteriously it is James. He is cold and his skin is slightly purple with bumps on it. As James enters the light of the camp his eyes stop glowing red. He has no explanation of why he is alive again.

Together again the group continues to explore the upper level of the frost giants' lair. They clear out several pockets of frost giants easily enough. Then a pack of winter wolves attack Tim, Jake and Nate as Jeff and James as they explore frozen human corpses standing upright entombed in ice in an adjacent room. The commotion causes the ice cave to become unsteady. Rocks and large chunks of ice break loose and fall on Jeff and James. James is knocked unconscious. Jeff drags James and one of the frozen corpses that he has cut out of the ice using his flaming sword out of the collapsing room and safely into the hallway.

After Tim, Jake and Nate finish killing off the winter wolves and the tremors die down, Jeff and Nate both with flaming swords cut out the rest of the frozen corpses and gather the treasure found on them.


Nate, Tim, Jake, James and Jeff rest up and decide to raid the last area on the top level before descending to the 2nd level. Ogres are in the room and the battle at first seemed easy until the escaped Ogre Mage reappears. The ogre mage casts a cone of cold on the group and almost kills dino-dog. Jake is so angry at the ogre mage he uses the last Javelin of Lightning to kill the ogre mage.

The group decides to rest in the ogre cave for the night. In the middle of the night 4 frost giants on patrol enter the room. James uses his Scarab of Cthulhu and an ugly polymorphic creature of chaos appears, a sub-shoggoth. It is huge with many mouths and tentacles randomly forming and then retracting back into its body. The frost giants are daunted by the size of the creature and run away. James approaches it. The chaos creature grabs James, tastes him and tosses him away. Gnomes don’t taste good but maybe the other humanoids will. The entire group cowers in fear. Tim steps forward and casts a Dismissal spell forcing the creature back to it’s plane of existence by boldly stating “I order you to cease any and all supernatural activity and return forthwith to your place of origin, or to the next convenient parallel dimension.” The chaos creature melts into a large puddle of bubbling green goo that smells like cotton candy.

Finally the group enters the second level and enters the grand entry cavern. The walls are covered with bas-reliefs displaying giants killing enemies and hunting dragons. Quite impressive.


Nate, Tim, Jake, and Jeff notice an ice boulder that the giants use as a door in the grand entry cavern. Jake tries to pry it open but it is too well wedged in. As Jake continues to pry a frost giant on the other side rolls the boulder over Jake. Jake sidesteps the boulder and the combat begins. The 2 frost giants and 4 gnolls are dealt with swiftly. This area is a maze of caves, exploring deeper the group runs into 5 ogre mages. The fight would have gone very poorly for the group but Tim casted several silence spells to disable the ogre mage’s ability to cast Cone of Cold spells.

Next the group finds a new and even bigger type of giant, a cloud giant. He is covered with flashy and expensive bling. The group rushes in and attacks. The cloud giant uses his giant sized bling club and wacks dino-dog. Dino-dog runs away yelping. When the battle is over dino-dog is nowhere to be found.


Nate, Tim, Jake, James and Jeff continue to search the lower level ice maze. Last night Jake had terrible dreams, he saw dino-dog in a laboratory undergoing diabolical experiments. Dino-dog had a metal cap on and was being shocked and tortured by the wizard. Could the wizard be trying to make dino-dog into a gobrapter? In the dream the wizard turns and looks at Jake as if the wizard could see Jake and silently acknowledges Jake's presence.

The group continues to explore. Jake rolls another boulder away and the lab in Jake’s dreams is revealed. Dino-dog is not there but a drugged storm giant is chained to the wall. After much debate, Tim casts a Discern Lies spell and the giant is questioned. The storm giant has been captured by fire giants and they are trying to force him into their army. He wants to be set free to seek revenge on the frost and fire giants. The group decides to set him free and he joins the party.

Jeff scouts further into the ice maze, he sees gnoll guards. James comes forward and casts ventriloquism and dancing lights to draw the guards forward. They follow like dogs chasing a laser pointer. The gnoll guards and their frost giant counterparts are soon destroyed.

Further into the maze a large well decorated cavern is discovered and the frost giants and gnolls are waiting for the group. Jeff charges into a large group of gnolls, a rogue doing the berserker's job because Nate’s job caused him to work late tonight. A pair of frost giants up on ice shelves shoot ballistas at the group. James casts a Blink spell and starts climbing the slippery uphill slope to one of the ice shelves, Tim following behind him. As the gnolls are being taken out they get a fire giant and ogre reinforcements. James decides it is time to use his Scarab of Cthulhu, targeting the ballista wielding giant on the far side of the room. Semi-translucent human sized forms of Cthulhu appear, each moving towards all living creatures in the area. The ballista shooting frost giant is possessed, a fire giant is possessed, unfortunately the friendly storm giant and Nate get possessed. James doesn’t even try to fight the possession, he welcomes it.

The rest of the battle is tuff. Tim bravely saves Jame’s life several times. Nate and the storm giant end up retreating far away from everyone else. When they come around and snap out of the control of Scarab of Cthulhu they realize that they are embarrassingly standing next to each other and half undressed, afraid to think “What did we do while under the influence?” Jake and Jeff finish killing the main floor creatures. Jeff then runs across the room and climbs up the ice shelf to help save Tim and Jake with the remaining fire giant.


Nate, Tim, Jake, and Jeff move the other ballista to the same platform as the first ballista. They setup camp and decide to rest for the night on the ledge, it is a very defensive position. During dinner time as James is eating one by one his arms fall off, right at the shoulder, a few seconds later the other arm falls off. At first he is not in any pain and seems more confused and bewildered than scared. As the night begins then the screams start. The skin on James' shoulders where his arms used to be, start to move about and bubble up. The storm giant is concerned that all the screaming will summon more frost giants. He grabs James and carries him away to the fire giant room on the lower level and he spends the night trying to keep him quiet. Early in the morning James has grown tentacles where his arms used to be. The newly grown tentacles grab onto and adhere to the storm giant. Frightened, the storm gian peels off James, throws him to the ground and runs away to join the party.

During the night Jake has another bad dream about dino-dag. He sees Dino-dog with a bolted on metal skull cap and a glowing red gem that has replaced an eye. Dino-dog’s movements are mechanical and seem controlled. Once again the wizard looks at Jake in the dream and acknowledges Jake's presence before dismissing Jake with a blinding snowstorm.

Before the storm giant rejoins the group, they are attacked again. A line of 14 strange 5 foot snow balls roll into the room. The rolling snowballs form an offensive line and untuck their arms and legs and stand up facing the group. After a few seconds the snowball men toss a continuous barrage of snowballs at the group. Jake and Nate man the ballistas to fire back. Jeff grabs the wand of wonder and fires. The wand of wonder backfires and shrinks Jeff to 1/12 scale. 1/12 height, 1/12 movement, 1/12 damage.

The wizard appears by the snowball men but he is just an interactive illusion taunting the group and giving the snowball men battle commands. Two frost giants join the battle. Nate ties a flask of oil to a ballista bolt and shoots a frost giant. The fiery frost giant charges up the ramp towards the group. Nate tosses another flask of oil on the frost giant and hits him square in the face. The frost giant goes down in flames.

Jake places “6 Inch Jeff” on a ballista bolt and shoots it towards the snowball men. A few rounds later the shrinkage wears off and Jeff is full size again. He sneaks behind the line of snowball men and backstabs. He slays the first autonomous snowball man and the rest of them simply ignore him. Throughout the rest of the battle he continues to backstab snowball men without any consequences or a guilty conscience.

Tim charges the other frost giant and rolls x5 damage. First a 20 for double, then a 19 for triple, then a 18 for x4, then another 19 for x5 damage. Plus critical damage dice are open-ended. The poor frost giant did not survive Tim’s brutal khopesh attack.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff and Brian try to decide what to do next. They explore the grand throne room some more looking for secret passages. Down an unexplored hallway sounds of a low rumbling are heard as the ground shakes with vibrations. Entering in is a giant ice lizard. All 150’ feet in length. The ice lizard ignores the group as if they were insects. Marching behind the ice lizard is a long row of frost giants. The looks on their faces are sad and dour. They do not attack but continue to march past the group. Perhaps a 100 frost giants, all carrying bags. The group stays back too nervous too to attack. After the entire procession has walked past, the group moves into the same hallway that the ice lizard and frost giants came from. The giant ice lizard slowly turns arounds and begins to retrace its path. The group moves further down the hallway to avoid the ice lizard.

The next room used to store treasure but it has been swept clean with only a few tapestries left on the walls. Jeff pulls back a tapestry and reveals a room full of frost giants, ice gnolls and winter wolves. Jeff quickly pulls the tapestry back into its rightful position and backs away. Jake and Nate set the tapestry on fire to stop anyone from coming through right away. The ice lizard is getting close, so the group move into another section of the cave and are attacked by a pack of yeti’s.

The yeti’s first use their gaze attack and mesmerize Brian and Nate. Two frost giants hiding in the shadows creep forward and drag off Brian. Brian is the storm giant that the frost giants had previously held captive.

As the group fights off the yeti’s Jake sees Brian being dragged away and chases after his captors. A third frost giant stops Jake. Brian’s captors get away with him in tow.

Brian finally revives and finds himself in a different section of the cave surrounded by 4 cave bears and 2 frost giants. They whisper for him to remain silent, Brian decides suicide instead. He attacks the cave bears. The last thing Brian sees is claws and jaws.


Nate, Tim, Jake, and Jeff lose Brian’s trail. They are tired and need to rest. During the night Jake has another dream. He sees dino-dog back in the laboratory this time standing in front of the operating table with his back facing Jake. Dino-dog is performing surgery on a human. In his dream he sees the storm giant’s feet in the background. The storm giant is chained to the wall again. Dino-dog finishes the surgery and the patient sits up and looks at Jake with all 4 eyes. The head of the elven wizard that Nate pushed off of the cliff has been attached to the human wizard’s body as a second head.

In the morning the group heads to the laboratory. Dino-dog is still there, his movements are mechanical and unemotional. Near the operating table is the discarded damaged body of the elf wizard. The legs and spine are mangled and look as if they had been in a car crash. The only other living person in the room is Brian the storm giant. Jeff frees Brian. Brian collapses to the ground still suffering from the delirious drink that the frost giants forced fed him again. Jake tries to befriend dino-dog but dino-dog is withdrawn, unemotional and sullen.

After a few hours the potion wears off Brian and Jake is still trying to connect with dino-dog. Dino-dog ignores Jake as if he could not remember him. Then the two-headed wizard appears in the room entrance and casts a wall of fire down the length of the room, splitting it in two. Two cave bears and a frost giant charge in. Dino-dog retreats to the back of the room afraid of the fire. Throughout the battle the wall of fire ignites the operating table and other material in the lab cornering dino-dog in the back of the room in fear. Near the end of the battle Jake runs through the fire to help dino-dog. Jake places a hood over dino-dog’s head and leads him out of the fire and to safety. When Jake takes the hood off of dino-dog’s head there is a single tear running down dino-dog’s one remaining natural eye. He is beginning to remember.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff and Brian decide to attack the room full of frost giants, ice gnolls and winter wolves. They prepare all their spells. A new curtain has been placed over the entrance replacing the burnt one. At the last moment Brian decides to take a giant sized shield off the wall. He gets zapped by electricity, IT’S A TRAP! Storm giants are immune to electricity so he takes no damage. From behind the curtain ice gnolls are snickering. The snickering sounds just like cartoon character Muttley snickering. Brian pulls the draps aside and inside prepared in a tight battle formation are the frost giants, ice gnolls and winter wolves. They are waiting for the drapes to open. It is as if they knew exactly when the drapes were going to open. Two winter wolves breathe cold on Brian and 4 boulders thrown by the frost giants hit him. Brian, the giant, goes down. The ice gnolls move in to finish Brian off as he lays unconscious on the ground. Tim manages to heal Brian before the ice gnolls get a chance to kill him.

Jeff pulls out the wand of wonder and fires it. He shrinks down to an inch high private eye size again. The battle continues on and Jeff uses the wand of wonder again, this time he creates a downpour of rain. Fortunately inch high Jeff manages to hang on and not get swept away in the 1” deluge of rain water.

The group first kills the gnolls and winter wolves, then they fight the frost giants causing the queen to charge in. After another frost giant is slain the king rushes in. After another frost giant is slain the two-headed wizard walks in and casts a Cone of Cold spell on everyone. Tim, Jeff and dino-dog are knocked unconscious. Wounds are bound just enough to stop further bleeding and death. The two-headed wizard laughs and skips away with the two heads talking to each other carrying on a conversation. Brian, Jake and Nate finish killing the rest of the frost giants.

Tired and hurt the group rests up. After recovering from the battle they decide to explore the rest of the ice cave. They discover a hill giants' refugee camp and quickly dispatch them.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff and Brian continue to search the nearly empty ice caverns. They fight ice toads, search every nook and cranny of the caverns but miss a secret entrance stopped up with a large ice boulder. An old white dragon breaks through the clogged entrance and breathes its icy cold breath upon the group. Following behind the dragon is a large group of ice gnolls. Brian moves up and engages in hand-to-hand melee with the dragon, the rest of the group fight the gnolls. The dragon backs away from Brian after getting clobbered by Brian, gnolls move in to protect the dragon. The dragon is waiting for his breath weapon to recharge, but before the dragon gets the chance Brain uses his lightning bolt and slays the dragon.

A painful roar of anguish is heard from inside the chamber where the gnolls are still streaming out of. The white dragon’s mate is enraged. The second white dragon breaks out of the chamber and gives a mighty and terrifying roar. Dino-dog, Jeff, Tim and Nate run in fear leaving Jake and Brian behind to face the other dragon. Jake backs up and the dragon breathes on him directly. Brian gets surrounded by a pack of gnolls. To escape Brian smashes a gnoll and makes a run for it following the path Tim took. Jake runs away in a different direction chasing Dino-dog.

Having won the battle the white dragon pushes it way through the cave and outside to the abyss. He spreads his wings and flies away. The rest of the gnolls run for the magic portal that leads to the kingdom of the fire giants. A day later the entire group also walks through the magic portal to battle the fire giants.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff and Brian stand in a large open plain, bare of any vegetation. The landscape is mars-like. Broken rocks, steam geysers, and open pools of lava. Miles away an active volcano is visible spewing lava out from its top. They are standing on a dirt road that leads to a large rock hill half a mile away. They follow the road to what looks like a 40’ x 40’ black polished stone wall. Jeff examines the wall and discovers that it is actually a highly skilled crafted pair of double doors. No need for a lock or any brace for the door, it’s too large and heavy to be opened by any creature at less than fire giane size. Brian opens it.

Nate uses his dust of disappearance and everyone walks in invisible. The hallway is vast and has tapestries along the walls showing fire giant battle victories. The group enters and explores the long hallway. Brian backtracks, curious as to what is behind the tapestries. Behind the first tapestry he finds a small room with a fire giant sitting on a stool. The fire giant is unaware of Brian’s invisible presence. Brian attacks the fire giant knocking him off of his bar stool. Nate and Tim join Brian in attacking the fire giant. Further down the hall Jeff spies an ettin on watch. Jeff takes advantage of his invisibility and slays the ettin in one blow.

A second ettin charges at Jeff along with 5 fire giants and 2 hellhounds. The fire giants run past both Jake and dino-dog who are invisible. The hellhounds can sense the invisible Jake and dino-dog, they attack them. Dino-dog and a hellhound go into mono-on-mono, dog-on-dog combat. Jake summons his mystical sabre-tooth tiger. The fire giants easily take it down in one round. The battle is hard, the fire giants are tougher than all the other giants fought so far. When the battle is done the group drags the bodies of the dead fire giants back into the small room where the guard was hiding and decides to press on while they still have the element of surprise.


Tim, Jake, Jeff and Brian throw aside the tapestry that was hiding a large hallway and head down the hall. They meet up with 8 fire giants and slay them. The next room that they enter has the ugliest fire giant queen ever to be seen. She commands them to “Kneel before me you worthless fools”. Nobody kneels and she sends her giant pet weasels to attack the group. After the battle with the queen the group decides to blockade the door with the dead giants’s bodies and rest for a while. After an hour they hear banging at the door demanding to know if the queen is safe. The group removes the dead corpses and opens the door not wanting the patrol to call for more backups.

The group fights the 4 fire giants and 2 hellhounds on patrol and then decide to make a run for it. It's decided that it would be better to rest outside of the fire giant's lair. They fight off 2 more ettin guards patrolling the entrance and then seek out a cave. They find just what they are looking for, a cave whose entrance is 15’ above ground level. Brian lifts everybody up and in and then hops in himself for a good night’s sleep.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff and Brian return to the fire giant's lair. Halfway down the main entranceway is a tapestry blocking the view. Jeff quietly sneaks up to the tapestry and peers behind it. Two ettins and two hellhounds are at the end of the hallway with a large bolt throwing siege weapon. It is loaded with 36 ballista bolts aimed straight down the hallway. Nate uses his dust of disappearance and the group goes invisible and hides in a small alcove. Jeff invisibly sneaks around the tapestry and crawls under the siege weapon. He triggers the weapon and the bolts harmlessly fly down the hallway and strike the large obsidian doors guarding the entrance, missing the intended raiders.

After the battle with the 2 ettins and 2 hellhounds Brian decides to smash the bolt thrower. The noise draws the attention of fire giant guards and some gnolls who are kitchen help. The group kills the guards, moves into the kitchen and finishes off the rest of the fire giants and gnolls. The group continues to search the fire giant's lair and find 4 hellhounds guarding the dead king's bedroom, his personal treasure already taken. They continue to search and discover a room with 8 gnoll advisers. These gnolls are different from all the other gnolls the group has encountered so far. These gnolls are well dressed and highly educated. They are holding a small stone tablet with egyptian hieroglyphics. Tim recognizes the letters from his childhood lessons but he is a bit rusty reading the old egyptian language.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff and Brian continue their interrogation of the gnolls. The gnolls are worshippers of Horus, just as Tim. Causing Tim doubts as to killing them outright. The group finally decides to let the gnolls free with a stern warning that they need to run away and never return. The group then searches the connecting rooms that are full of books, scrolls and a few tablets. The group decides that they will review them later and that they should continue their assault against the fire giants while the fire giants are still unprepared. Before they get the chance to leave Nate is backstabbed by an invisible dwarven thief. The dwarven thief goes invisible again and the group fans out to catch him but the dwarf escapes.

The group finds a hallway that ends with three doors each going in another direction. They open the top door and find themselves staring at a large crown of fire giants and ogres. Jeff panics and activates the Scarab of Cthulhu, bad idea. Jeff resummoms the ugly polymorphic creature of chaos, a sub-shoggoth. It is huge with many mouths and tentacles randomly forming and then retracting back into its body. It is standing next to Jeff and is very interested in finding out if Jeff would be tasty to eat. Brian panics and opens the door to the left and discovers it is full of fire giants. Jake panics and opens the door to the right and is immediately breathed on by 4 hellhounds.

After the sub-shoggoth uses Jeff as a wishbone it swallows Jeff. Having swallowed Jeff it has swallowed the magical device that summoned the sub-shoggoth and is forced to return forthwith to its place of origin or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension, with Jeff still in its belly. Just before Jeff is swallowed, Tim notices a bright golden ring that falls off of Jeff’s finger and rolls right to him. Tim picks it up to consider what to do with it later.

The group fights their way out of the fire giant’s lair and retreats to the cave outside to heal.


Nate, Tim, Jake and Brian return to their secret cave hideout to recover. A green ball of chaos goo forms in the center of the cave and grows. When it reaches 6 feet in diameter Jeff is puked out of the ball, covered in goo but alive.

During the last battle with the fire giants, when Nate used his dust of disappearance he accidently made one of the fire giants invisible. That fire giant kept quiet and followed them to their hideout and then returned to gather an assault team to attack the group in the early morning. The two-headed wizard, Dipole, raised the surrounding rocks to create a rampart up to the cave’s 15’ entrance. Then Dipole sent invisible fire giants into the cave to wait until he threw a fireball spell on the mostly sleeping group. The battle was fierce but eventually the group fended off the assault team. Dipole escaped of course.

After another long rest the group returned to the lair of the fire giants. The entrance hallway was guarded by hellhounds, Type III demons and a chimera. The greeting proved to be too much for the group. Nate, Jake and dino-dog ran away after being affected by a fear spell. Brian, Jeff and Tim were held at bay by a stinky cloud spell and the strength of the demons. The group was forced to retreat into a new hideout cave.


Nate, Tim, Jake and Jeff return to the fire giant’s lair to discover the first level is now unoccupied and any remaining loot taken. The entrance to the second level is a long sloping passage from the 1st level. First they check out a large room that contains about 20 sarcophagi. Finding only looted skeletal remains and giant rat poop. One sarcophagus has a giant animated skeleton that Tim turns to dust using his turn undead talent.

Next they enter a wide hallway that opens up to a room on the east end full of fire giants and ogres. As the combat begins, doors on the north and south side of the hallway open and hill giants and stone giants come out. It’s a TRAP! The group fights and clears out the North room containing the stone giants. They continue to fight the fire giants while inside the stone giant's room with one half of the double doors closed and the other open a crack. A fire giant walks up and closes and secures both doors. The group is trapped in a room that is carved out of solid lava rock and has no exits.

As the group decides what to do next a wizard outside of the room casts a Transmute Rock to Mud spell. The lava rock under the door expands as it turns to mud then is transmuted back into rock, sealing the bottom of the door with 6 inches of rock. Never to be opened again.


Nate, Tim, Jake and Jeff are sealed in the room. Outside the door a silence spell is cast on the door. Fire giant workmen quietly stack cut rocks to block the door. After the entire door and wall is covered with rock then cauldrons of molten lava are carried to the door and poured over the rocks to seal it forever.

Inside the room a strange occurrence happens. Everyone begins to disintegrate just like Star Trek transporters. Jake notices a bright gold ring on Tim’s hand. It is odd because Jake never noticed the easily viewable bright gold ring before. It falls off of Tim’s hand as he teleports away. The ring rolls to Jake’s feet. Jake grabs it just before teleporting himself. Everyone is teleported to the new cave where Brian is waiting for their return.

The group rests up and returns to the fire giant's lair. Upon reaching the second level again they decide to go the other way. First they discover a black smiths workshop next to a large pool of lava and fight a fire giant, trolls, a chimera, and 4 demons levitating over the lava. The demons use telekinesis to lift Nate in the air and float him towards the lava. Tim uses the Dismissal spells to force 3 of the demons back to hell. The 4th demon is slain by Brian’s lightning bolt, Jeff’s arrows and Tim’s spiritual hammer.

The group moves on and finds a hallway full of 20’ purple tentacles and decides to go another route.

A series of jail cells are discovered and the last one has a Titan drugged and trapped. They rescue the Titan and he agrees to help fight the fire giants but he is not so sure about the legal right of Nate the half-orc to live.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, Brian and the Titan continue to explore the jail cells freeing a pair of centaurs, a group of elfs and a human merchant that all agree to come along with the group. Besides, there is no safer place to run to.

The group decides to attack the purple tentacles in the hall. After destroying the tentacles they discover on the other side of the wall are 3 drow. The fight was nasty. The high level drow cleric used flame strike twice. By the end of the fight both Brian and Jake were dead. Jeff rolled a series of natural 20’s with his bow astounding the high AC drow leader who hasn’t been touched in almost 100 years.

The group drags the wounded and dead back to the cave to rest and give Tim time to memorize his new resurrection spell.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, Brian and the Titan return to the fire giant’s lair. Their first encounter is with 5 fire giants and this is the first time the elves and centaurs feel bold enough to help with the fight. A remnant of frost giants are soon also destroyed as well as a pair of cloud giants with their sabre-tooth tiger pets.

A new cave area is discovered and it is full of trolls and gnolls. The fight went late into the night but finally the group finished off all the regenerating trolls.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff and the Titan return to the fire giant’s lair and descend to the 3rd level. This level is cavernous with small tunnels winding around. The first large cavern found has a huge red dragon sleeping. The group decides to go the other way. Quickly the tunnels are too small for the titan to fit through so he stays back and guards the entrance.

The next chamber has 3 ropers that drag Tim, Nate and Jake to their terrible mouths to be chewed on like dog toys. Continuing to explore the group encounters giant fire beetles, a pair of fire lizards then a pack of hellhounds with a fire giant dog trainer


Nate, Tim, Jake, and Jeff continue to explore the caves and encounter a group of fire giants that display expert battle strategy. They even have a drow healer. The group is defeated and runs in retreat and dino-dog is captured by Dipole the two headed wizard. Nate uses the dust of disappearance to turn everyone invisible. They run back to the cave to rest up. Shortly after the group returns to the cave dino-dog runs into the cave with the red gem bloody and torn from his eye socket. Dino-dog’s empty eye socket is all bloody and empty. That night everyone had the same dream of dino-dog. The red gem in his eye socket works as a security camera that Dipole used to track the group's movements. In the dream Nate saw Jake with a bright gold ring on his hand. The ring falls off and rolls over to Nate. Nate picks it up and places it in his finger. In the morning Nate really does have the ring.

The next morning the group returns to the fire giant’s lair. They decide to explore in a new direction. Soon they encounter multiple rooms with many trolls pouring out attacking the group. Nate calls for the centaurs to join the battle.


Nate, Tim, Jake and Jeff continue their fight with the trolls. Brian hears the commotion and runs from the entranceway to the fight. When he arrives he sees the battle and decides to trick the trolls. Since he is also a giant he commands the trolls “Come follow me, the dragon is also under attack.” To everyone's surprise a group of trolls follow him. Brian leads them back to the titan at the entrance and together they kill the trolls. Before the last troll is killed at the entrance Brian heads back to help the rest of the group. Other trolls have heard the fight with Brian and the titan and follow the noise. Brian and the other trolls meet halfway and fight. At the main battle Nate and Jeff are fighting side by side with flaming swords killing trolls. Jake and Tim fend off trolls from another route lower in the cave. After a long and deadly battle the trolls are slain with the only loss of life for the group is one centaur.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, Brian and the Titan decide it is time to take care of the ancient sleeping red dragon. Everyone spreads out and gets in place. As they sneak up Tim accidentally kicks a rock that rolls up to the dragon and bumps into it. To everyone’s surprise the rock rolls through the holographic image of the dragon. Curious Jake pokes his head into the hologram and sees a large bull with metallic scales. It breathes a gaseous grey petrifying cloud on Jake. Jake backs up next to dino-dog, The Grogon leaves the illusionary dragon and breathes again on Jake and this time dino-dog also, both are permanently turned to stone.

Jeff shoots arrows at the gorgon. Brian smashes the gorgon. Nate backs away and is seen by several drow fighters hiding in a nearby cave. Then the real red dragon burst forth through his rock encrusted door. The real ancient red dragon was watching the battle using a clairvoyance spell. First it takes a bite out of Jeff, then it breathes twice on Brian taking him down. Tim heals Brian and together slay the ancient red dragon. Nate and Jeff finish dealing with the drow guards.

The dragon loot was fabulous. Most interestingly was 3 scrolls with a total of 12 wizards spells to be randomly determined. The way we selected a random spell level made the possibility of rolling the 6th level spell 1 out of 6. There are 12 6th level spells 1 out of 12 chance for a Stone to Flesh spell. On any given roll 1/72 chance for a Stone to Flesh spell. Out of 12 rolls 2 needed to be Stone to Flesh spells. A 1.11% chance. Without DM fudging it happened. Jake and dino-dog are no longer stone statues.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, Brian and the Titan decide to hide out in the red dragon’s cave. The drow attempted to set up an ambush for the group. The drow thought that the group had left the caves and were guarding the wrong area. Brian rolled the rock away to exit the red dragon’s chamber. Dipole the two-headed wizard was waiting just outside as backup to the drow. Dipole frantically tossed a fireball into the group. Many of the elves and the centaurs went down. Tim cast a healing circle and that stopped many deaths at that moment. The 9 drow on guards ran over to assist Dipole in the battle. The invisible dwarven thief joined the battle by backstabbing Brian, taking Brian down. Then the drow did the unthinkable evil. An act so evil that no other sentient life form performs it. They start stabbing Brain’s unconscious body, going for a permanent kill. Tim managed to heal Brian enough to keep him from dying. During the battle Dipole and the dwarf thief go invisible again and escape.

After the battle Jake begins to track Dipole and the dwarf. Jake follows the trail down a hallway that ends at a thick yellow cloud. The group decides to go back and explore in a different direction.

The group finds and defeats 10 fire giants and a drow cleric that heals the fire giants during the fight.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, Brian and the Titan decide to explore the yellow cloud. It stinks of sulfuric acid and burns exposed skin and lungs. Brian is the first to explore the opaque gas. He blindly bumps into several walls before finding an opening. Brian is greeted by drow patrol guards. The guards hedge Brian in and keep the others from joining the battle because they would have to stand in the burning yellow cloud. Brain makes headway, Nate and Jeff join the fight. A drow wizard shoots Brian with a wand of magic missiles several times until Brian returns the favor with his lightning bolt, frying the drow wizard. After the battle a mysterious map is discovered.

After recovering from the yellow acid cloud and the drow fight, the group continues to explore the cave. The next cavern has more drow in it. As the group charges forward they discover that the ground is covered with steel marbles forcing Brian and Nate to slip and fall. The battle continues with Tim using flame strike and healing spells. Then a drow cleric casts a silence spell stopping Tim from casting spells and healing the group. The passageways leading to this cavern are too small to allow the Titan to assist. When the battle was over the group looted the drow’s better equipment to help them with their own armor class and also for their minion’s armor class.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, Brian and the Titan backtrack through the yellow cloud to find a resting place. They are certain they have come near the end of the Fire Giants lower cavern. The next morning they push on with Jeff sneaking ahead scouting. Jeff goes quiet and missing for too long. Brian moves up to see what is happening. Jeff attacks Brian with a backstab and misses. Jeff walked into a lair of 3 mind flayers and one of them has taken control of Jeff. The other two mind flayers step out of the shadows and mind blasts the group. After one mind flayer is killed the other two retreat to the astral plane to report the incident.

Another drow patrol is defeated that guards a rope bridge crossing a flowing lake of lava. The group begins to walk across the rope bridge and are attacked by charging drow from the other side. Brian clears the way of drow and the others cross the bridge with Jeff staying on the original side shooting arrows. A drow cleric cast sound burst hoping to knock people off the bridge into the lava but everyone holds tight. As the group fights and Jeff is alone on the other side of the bridge two fire salamanders crawl out of the lava and attack Jeff. Nate’s NPC centaurs and elf archers assist Jeff in killing the fire salamanders.

After the battle the group discovers a store run by drow at the entrance of the descent to The Underdark, the Vault of the Drow.


The Titan decided to be the last one to cross the rope bridge. As he is halfway across the bridge the invisible dwarven thief reappears and backstabs the Titan. Dipole the two-headed wizard also appears and zaps the Titan with a lightning bolt. The Titan falls over and into the flowing lava. Dipole is flying 30 feet in the air and has a Protection from Missiles spell on. Brian blocks the group's side of the rope bridge in case the dwarf should try to cross. Arrows fly at Dipole only to swerve aside at the last moment because of his protection spell. Dipole casts a circular ring of fire around everyone. Jake alone was outside of the ring of fire and standing on the ground near the flying wizard. The wall of fire blocks line of sight and is slowly roasting everyone inside. Jeff uses the crank arm to start lowering the rope bridge to get access under the wall of fire. Jake notices that there is a stalactite hanging over Dipole and shoots the stalactite that crashes down on Dipole forcing him to the ground where he is pinned under the stalactite. Dipole uses a Teleport spell to teleport from under the stalactite and down the hallway. From there Dipole tries to entice Jake to chase him but Jake doesn’t take the bait. Dipole casts a final lightning bolt at Jake and runs deep down into the cave, the entrance to the famous Descent.

Jeff lowers the bridge enough to get under the wall of fire and gets stabbed by the waiting and again invisible dwarf. Brian grabs the semi-floating Titan from the lava but only drags a partial and un-resurrectable corpse out. Jeff falls into the lava and Brian pulls out the freshly killed Jeff out of the lava with his body still intact. Next Brain goes toe-to-toe with the dwarf and sends the dwarf flying into the lava to his death.


Nate, Tim, Jake, Jeff, and Brian follow the cave into the deep. The cave is clear of debris and has been matted down by ages of footsteps. The tunnel is on average 30 feet wide and varies between 20-50 feet in height. The group walks for miles and near the end of the day they hear a Drow voice calling out from the dark ahead. “Halt and announce which great house you are a guest of!”. With some quick thinking Jake says “Ra” and the group is suspiciously allowed to pass with their “slaves” despite the clear allegiance Tim has to house Horus.On the second day of travel the group’s path is blocked by a broken bridge spanning a 100 foot cleft in the tunnel. Jeff throws a grappling hook across and manages to climb across securing a second rope on the way. As others cross more ropes are secured and eventually enough ropes for the two centaurs to cross.

On the third day the cave tunnel starts to rumble and a giant purple worm breaks into the tunnel trying to swallow members of the group. After the battle the group moves down a smaller secondary passage that is only 20 feet wide and 15- 50 feet in height. Angry voices are heard from up ahead. Nate used his dust of disappearance to turn the group invisible and Jeff scouts ahead. He finds 6 Drow with about 30 slaves of various humanoid races. The group attacks the Drow and Nat uses his Ancestral Calling ability to rally the slaves and help in the fight against the Drow overlords. 3 Drow escape and run for their lives deeper down into the infamous Descent.