Shoeless Joe the Dwarf

Our group’s main fighter was an oxe wielding dwarf (actually an axe welding dwarf but he pronounces it like oxe). On our first adventure we fought an ogre in the mud. The ogre was taking a mud bath. The dwarf got his foot stuck in the mud and pulled his foot out one boot less. Later in the day we fought giant rats in a garbage heap. The dwarf was standing in the garbage pile and managed to fumble and cut off his own toes from his bootless foot. Now he is limping and moving even slower than a full toed dwarf in tow, that’s slow. To complete his bad day he is in combat with another ogre on a bridge over hot lava. Is there any other kind of lava other than HOT? The ogre knocks the dwarf out, grabs him and runs off. The rest of the group shuffles their way slowly and carefully across the bridge spanning HOT lava and chases the ogre. By the time they catch up the ogre has the dwarf tied up and dangling over a cliff and demanding a ransom. The picture says it all!

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