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3D Dolus & Draco is a computerized solo fantasy RPG game.3D Dolus & Draco is the work of a solo-programmer who has stretched his artistic skills to the max and them some. So please don’t compare the artwork with Sony Online or Blizzard Entertainment. You’ll find yourself playing 3D Dolus & Draco because it’s fun and challenging. The strategies are endless as you try to discover the best ways to survive the dangerous lands of Dolus & Draco. So pull yerself up a chair and swap stories of peril and death. And don’t try to excuse yourself for pulling some of the dirtiest and nastiest tricks, speak up. We want to hear-em and try them ourselves! And don’t forget!Donate $15 to register your email address and receive FREE updates.Click the Download button and get your FREE copy of 3D Dolus & Draco The land of Dolus and Draco has been overran by beholders, who have ruined their own land and we will not let them ruin ours! They have used their evil magics to create giant insects and to bind the wind into animated mindless slaves, who do their masters bidding. The beholders and their army must be destroyed and it is up to you to remove these scourges from our fair land. The story line Download Donate How to play. (in an errie computer voice) Would you like to play a game? Well this isn’t Global Thermal Nuclear Warfare. It’s 3D Dolus and Draco. You need to take a look at the How to Play page. I know it’s documanetation and you never read documentation but I filled it with lots of pretty pictures so the reading is light and fluffy. More Hints After you have played a few games and you find you are not getting anywhere, read the More Hints page. It helps to follow in the bloodied footsteps of the many dead adventurers before you. Email Me Send me some email on your strategies and enhancement ideas. I promise, if I receive a lot of email I will get a message board started. If you have nothing good to say in your email I will supply you with a drop down box of places you can stick your flames. You get to choose. The more donations I receive the more time I will be able to spend expanding 3D Dolus and Draco. How to Play More Hints High Scores Donations
The Technology 3D Dolus and Draco is written in Microsoft’s VB.net and DirectX. It’s amazing how far the Basic language has come from Gee Wiz, GW Basic. Your PC does not have to be anything special but your graphics card does need to be up to date. I developed the game on a Pentium 4 1.6 GHz PC with a NVIDIA GeForce 6200 graphics card.                  


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