How to play 3D Dolus & Draco.

Game overview:

3D Dolus & Draco is a fantasy RPG computer game, much like EverQuest, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft and many more games. 3D Dolus & Draco is different in that it is a casual solo game. Designed so that a player can start up a game and play for an hour or so, enjoy the time with out having to wait around for other people. Not that there is anything wrong with a multiplayer game. In some ways a multiplayer game is better. In some ways 3D Dolus & Draco is better, it’s a faster pace game that is always ready to be played.

Each zone in 3D Dolus & Draco is randomly generated. You can play the game over and over never finding two zones alike and always facing new challenges.


Not familiar with D & D

Visit this wikipedia web page.



Basic Movement:

Up arrow key

Walk forward

Down arrow key

Walk backwards

Left arrow key

Turn left

Right arrow key

Turn right

Ctrl key + Up arrow key

Run forward

Ctrl key + Down arrow key

Run backwards

Page Up

Look up

Page Down

Look down


Look straight ahead

Advance Movement:

Shift key + Left key

Shuffle left

Shift key + Right key

Shuffle right

Fly Mode Movement:

Up arrow key

Fly forward

Down arrow key

Fly backwards

Left arrow key

Turn left

Right arrow key

Turn right

Ctrl key + Up arrow key

Fly forward fast

Ctrl key + Down arrow key

Fly backwards fast

Page Up

Change flight direction up

Page Down

Change flight direction down


Change flight direction to parallel with the ground


Starting Up

1) Give your warrior a name and adjust his stats.

2) Click Start New Game

3) Move close to the chest and click on the chest to loot its treasure

4) Move close to the trading post to buy equipment

5) Walk into the trading post's spinning aura and click on the trading post

6) Purchase all your equipment

7) Click the Done button. Next click on the Equipment button and select a piece of equipment to be worn and click the Equip Item button. Repeat this process until you are wearing all of your items.

8) Move close to the zone post, click on it and the adventure begins!

9) When you are done playing click the Exit button and you will be prompted to save the game.



Equipment can be gained from two places. Chests and Trading posts. All new equipment goes into your backpack. To use the items you must first click the Equipment button, then from the Equipment Carried screen, select the item to wear and click on the Equip Item button.

From the Equipment Carried screen the Worn Items button will show you the Equipment Worn screen. From the Equipment Worn screen you can take items off by selecting the item and clicking the Carry Item button.

To view the items in your backpack click the Backpack button.

From either the Equipment Carried screen or the Equipment Worn screen all the details about an item can be viewed on the right side of the screen by selecting the item. Each item is assigned a Slot. Slots represent a body area. Only one item can be in a slot, a two-handed weapon uses both the left hand slot and the right hand slot.


To fight monsters you only need to click on a monster with the cursor and move close to it.

All monsters have a number displayed over their head. The number is the monster’s relative strength. When a monster is selected it’s number will change from black to gold and the monster’s name will be displayed above it’s health bar that is located just under your health bar. When a monster is killed you gain experience, the amount of experience accumulated is displayed in your Experience status bar. After a monster has been killed its body will melt away and a treasure chest will rise up from the ground.

Potions and Scrolls

To view or use owned potions or scrolls click on the appropriate button from the main screen. All types of potions and scrolls are un-identified until it is used once. Once it is used all potions and scrolls of that type will be identified. Only one potion can be in effect at a time. Only one scroll can be in effect at a time. To activate a potion, drink it. To activate a scroll, read it.

Strategy Hints

Version 1.1

Released date 6/4/2008

Death is not forever. When you die you lose all your experience earned towards the next level. What’s the monetary cost? Every last dime! The dead are lousy hagglers, and since you can’t take it with you; the rez cost, is all your gold.

After death you spiral up into the heavens, your game is saved and your death count incremented. You can use the same character by selecting load a saved game. All saved games and deaths are saved locally and on the global high score board. Check out how you are doing compared to the other recovering EverQuest and WOW addicts.

Lighting has been adjusted and night time zones have been added. If you get a chance, battle your next MOB while standing next to a campfire at night, the flickering firelight effect is nice.

Screen resolution has been added to the configuration options. Version 1.0 only allowed 800 x 600.
New resolution options:
800 x 600
1024 x 768
1280 x 1024
1600 x 1200

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